How to Work from Home in 2023: 30 Tips for Success 2023

Planning meals and even snacks ahead of time makes it easier to eat mindfully and healthfully. It’s far too easy to spend the whole day at your desk—whether that desk is at the office or at home. Block out time for workouts ahead of time—even when those workouts are at home, and keep those appointments just as dutifully as you’d keep a customer or partner call. Don’t underestimate the power of starting your day right and setting an exuberant tone, as this ripple effect is likely to last until your entire work checklist has been ticked off.

As long as you’re getting enough sleep and making time for yourself, schedule your high-priority work during your best windows of productivity. Then, you can do lower-priority work whenever you want. And it’s not just about discovering your creative process, though that’s a major bonus.

Boost your productivity at home

If somebody comes to my door, I am presentable and don’t need to apologize for my appearance. “I wrote one of my most-cited essays largely at the Atlanta airport way back in 1980 or ’81. I have often found myself able to concentrate in airports, but only if the waiting area isn’t packed, or if I can sit in a place that has tables,” she says. My initial experience working from home was a forced situation where I found myself with no studio. My reliable kitchen table ended up housing multiple oil paintings.

how to successfully work from home and why it's an art

If you do this, you’ll be much more prepared to work on your art. If you take the time to invest in your art skills, you’ll definitely see your artwork improve. I’ve known many creatives in my life, and one thing I’ve noticed about most of them; they’re good at more than one kind of artistic expression.

Take Your Art to the Next Level

It can be hard to wade through what’s “good enough” when you’re the one setting all the goals. Vowing to stay focused is a great start, but we’re willing to guess that without a set plan, it won’t do much good. How are you supposed to stay motivated and get all your to-dos accomplished when you’re the only one in the room? Especially when it’s so easy (and fun) to procrastinate. So, I have a part-time appointment at the Vatican Observatory.

It’s better to separate your home life and work environment so there are clear boundaries. You don’t have to work a strict 9–5 day, but you should designate work hours and stick to them when possible to keep up a continuous workflow. Set up your own “commute” to ease into your workday. For example, get dressed like you’re going to work, take a shower, and make a cup of coffee. If you’re intentional about “going to work,” you’re also more likely to be productive.

Implement a team collaboration tool

I’ve been hoarding nitrile gloves and face masks for years now. I’ve disciplined myself to never begin working without putting them both on. Fast forward to 6 months later, and I’ve found that if I don’t prep something in advance I’ll either skip eating altogether or eat toast or pasta every day.

  • But make sure that your heart and mind are in the right direction.
  • Dr. Paul Kelley, a researcher at Open University found that his students had increased concentration levels when he started class at 11am compared to earlier.
  • A very important thing to do when you are in a creative field is to have the will to improve yourself.
  • In this way, you will improve your skills and add value to your work.
  • However, collapsing two spaces, live/work, into one presents specific challenges and in my experience, forces one to confront the very nature of why they make.
  • The BLS (May 2017) notes that their annual median salary is $61,180, with earning potential of up to $163,440, according to the top 90th percentile of employees.

I wash my hands as soon as get through the doors (home and studio) and change shoes. And I remember my mother’s words “sing happy birthday to time the washing,” and so I do. But the life of so many of us as artists is already isolation. If you’re creative, artsy, or crafty and you want to reap all the benefits of telecommuting, there are many incredible options in the remote work world. Read on to learn about five careers that allow you to share your skills without having to commute to an office. Put your personal laptop somewhere inconvenient during the workday.

The citrate in it will bind the ions and prevent the formation of the tea scum. So the same solution you would use in the bathtub — some kind of chelating agent — will work in the tea, too. Use loose leaf tea in a big tea infuser [that has enough room for the tea to expand].

Rather, you should invest time in learning marketing and publicising skills and use them to stand out and find patrons. Focus on people who appreciate what you do and reach out to them. After all, they are your audience, and their opinion is all that matters. Another poignant issue that may how to work from home successfully prevent you from building your career and turning it into a successful art business is a fear of failure. An array of talented, creative artists burden themselves with constant doubts about the quality of their artwork. Also, art has never been considered a lucrative career in general.

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